Social Media Integration

Using social sharing, let your readers help share your content online.

Increase engagement with social sharing buttons embedded in the player, or add social sharing buttons directly on a specific page.


Use Video to Bring Your Publication to Life

You can’t put a video in your printed magazine, but you can in your digital edition.  So do it.

Use video to enhance advertising or to enhance your content.  Nothing speaks louder in a digital edition than moving pictures and sound.

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Mobile Friendly

Everyone is looking at your issue on the go.  So they use their phones and tablets. Our platform is ready for that.  Offering an engaging and exciting mobile experience, let your users read your issue on the run.

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Get the Numbers with Useful Analytics

Analytics may be the most important tool for you, the publisher.  Our analytics give you a detailed view of how your readers look at your issue online.

Use the analytics to monetize your publication.  Let your advertisers know how many people are finding them through you.

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Cost Effective Solution

We have a lot of attention and work that goes into each issue, so we have to charge you a little.  But we keep it as cost low as possible, so this won’t become prohibitive.

We provide an inexpensive, cost effective option for a digital edition that will help you monetize your advertisers.

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Award Winning Digital Edition

We have built digital editions for Massage & Bodywork magazine since 2008. Their commitment to making their digital offering the best on the market has led them to winning 9 national magazine awards for Best Digital Edition.

Congratulations to Massage & Bodywork.  We’re proud to work with you.

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