Here’s a list of a few questions we’re always asked.  But if you have more, please reach out and ask.  We’d be happy to get back to you with an answer.

Is there a per page fee?

No. We no longer charge a per page fee as the true time for production is primarily in the setup and final QA of the issue. This time varies per digital platform not page count.

Is there a hosting fee?

No. There is not a hosting fee for an active title. If the title’s digital edition account has been inactive for one year, a payment equal to the cost of production for one issue will allow the archived issues of that title to remain live for another year.

Does the viewer need to download anything?

No. There is no software that the reader is required to download. All of our digital platforms are flash based digital editions and require flash player 8 or above.

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Is there a payment gateway for the digital issues?

No. There is not a payment gateway provided with the digital editions. However, we have several different ways to protect and tie into your account management tool for subscribers to see your digital issues. Because there are so many options on account management, we have decided to make different methods to tie into the different systems.

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Can I secure my digital editions for only those who have paid to see?

Yes.  There are several different levels of protection that we can offer to allow you to capture your subscriber information.

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